Thursday, April 22, 2010

Back in the Northland!

Flight was ever so smooth into Anchorage. But those memories of bad weather flights never leave. While on the flight, I met the other artist bound for Kotzebue, Shiho Nakaza, from Los Angeles. We approached Anchorage over Cook Inlet. I had forgotten how beautiful Alaska is from the air. The snow capped mountains slip by seemingly so close that you can reach out and touch them, and the ponds, rivers and nothingness beyond Anchorage brought back memories.

Of course our flight was late and we had to run for the leg to Kotz. Which was sitting there due to a mechanical. So while we sat and waited, we met our escort/guide/liason/personal ID/and new BFF MSgt Brady Kiel. MSgt Kiel would be the one we would depend on during our stay to let us know where we needed to be and when as well as help us with making sure we had the photo reference material we would need to create the paintings.

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