Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Charlie Power!

This painting has recently been accepted into the Coast Guard Art Program. The rescue was performed in the Pacific Northwest by a crew from the Coast Guard Air Station from Port Angeles, Washington in 2007 and was the highest altitude recorded rescue to date by the HH65 helicopter. "Charlie" refers to the C model helicopter. The painting is not for sale but will be part of the Coast Guard's permanent art collection. This is a great program designed to educate the public and tell the mission of the Coast Guard through art. I'm pretty excited about it- it's my 14th painting in the program- and it also spotlights the hard work and dedication by our Coast Guard crews in Port Angeles. The pilot is also a friend of ours!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

On Site Painting II

Here is another painting where the aircraft was done on site at the Seattle Museum of Flight. My goal was to do a painting at the museum and put it into a natural setting. I wanted to show the mail plane flying in a stormy sky over farmland. The background is made up. Another painting is in the works based on this one and will be for sale once it is finished.

On Site Painting

This painting was done on site at the Seattle Museum of Flight this past summer. Three of us sat and painted this airplane just to see how different they could be. It was really a fun exercise, and now my task is to "tighten up" the image for accuracy. It will appear for sale once it is finished.