Friday, January 29, 2010


Have spent the last month-six weeks working on four paintings to be published in a magazine later this spring along with entries to the Coast Guard Art Program. Part of that time was dealing with laser surgery on both eyes (to correct a problem) and taking part in the chorus gigs for the Christmas season. Now that the paintings are finished, I am tackling the other projects that went unattended- finishing up paintings to submit to the American Society of Aviation Artists exhibition, updating the blog, cleaning the studio, updating the blog, answering Christmas correspondence- oh, and did I mention updating the blog? Hopefully I can keep this up a little better. Meantime, I came across a wonderful comment in the Seattle times this morning by staff writer Nicole Brodeur in which she says, " matter now much time you get in life, you may not finish all you started. But if this happens, leave what you've done in a picture window. In the sun." I can't think of a better musing. Thank you, Ms. Brodeur, for this insight!

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