Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Charlie Power!

This painting has recently been accepted into the Coast Guard Art Program. The rescue was performed in the Pacific Northwest by a crew from the Coast Guard Air Station from Port Angeles, Washington in 2007 and was the highest altitude recorded rescue to date by the HH65 helicopter. "Charlie" refers to the C model helicopter. The painting is not for sale but will be part of the Coast Guard's permanent art collection. This is a great program designed to educate the public and tell the mission of the Coast Guard through art. I'm pretty excited about it- it's my 14th painting in the program- and it also spotlights the hard work and dedication by our Coast Guard crews in Port Angeles. The pilot is also a friend of ours!

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  1. Hi, Pricilla...

    I am just looking at the print you gave me in Kodiak. It's the one of a plane flying over a bay...Women's Bay? I don't know what the print is named. I wasn't aware that you lived in Washington now. Judy and I have been living in Spokane for several years now.

    Keep em flyin'!


    Pastor Garry Oliver (Community Baptist Church, Kodiak)



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