Tuesday, June 4, 2013


So where have I been? Probably too much Facebook and not enough blogging, perhaps.It's easy to get into the trap of doing the thing that is the quickest, and logging onto FB with a quick sentence eliminates the need to really think about a blog post. But there have been a number of new paintings that I'm preparing to send off to my illustrious webmaster to include on the website.

This leaves me to think about the prospect of summer. As in summer vacation. Not. The past spring was filled with activities from painting, to public speaking to singing to finding time to just relax. My next travel adventure will be to Baltimore toward the end of June to attend the American Society of Aviation Artists annual Forum. We meet in a different location every year, and it's always an amazing spark of enthusiasm to get together and share ideas, catch up with friends and talk about what our plans are for the upcoming year. We look forward to it every year.

Meantime, studio work keeps me occupied. A recently completed painting of a mother and her children at the beach will be on the website for sale soon.