Thursday, November 22, 2012


Has it been three months since I posted? I seem to spend more time on Facebook than here, but perhaps that's because life has been so scattered, and FB is a great way to reach a lot of people with short comments. But today is a day of reflection and I am feeling contemplative. With family here, it's a time to do less work, fewer Tigger impersonations, and think about how I want to start the week when I do get back to work. It's THANKSGIVING! We are thankful every day for so many things. Today we celebrate the safe arrival of stepson & daughter in law to share the weekend with us. Awoke to heavy frost, snow in the upper elevations and a beautiful sunrise. For my morning devotional walk I sauntered down to the pasture to watch the cows being fed. Yeah, doesn't take much to intrigue my simple mind. When I asked the farmer if I could get closer he said "You want to go WHERE?" Alaska girls aren't scared of much. At least not of stepping in, um, that. Got some great photos and am eager to start a new painting.Watch for new works in progress along with a progression of the most recent portrait. Life is indeed awesome!