Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Moving right along......

Moving right along.......I asked a friend recently if it really is November already. There has been much traveling this year. Once the chorus show was over, I started making plans to attend the Air Force Art presentation. It was an opportunity to renew old friendships and begin new ones, from the wonderful lady I met in the Chicago airport who, with her husband, gave me a ride from the airport to lodging on base to the incredible artists whose work was also featured in the exhibition. It was a true honor that Col Barber and Lt Col Calderwood, who were involved with heading up the Operation Arctic Care mission I attended in Kotzebue last April, attended the banquet and were able to see the paintings I created to document that mission. There will be more paintings to come for the program as well as a print. I hope to finish the original for the print this month.

The first weekend in November, Butch and I traveled to Astoria, Oregon, to visit with some old friends from Kodiak, the Leary family. We were delighted to spend time with them and to learn about Dan's transition from H65 helicopters to the H60 Jayhawk. We took a lot of photos and I am currently working on a painting for the Astoria Coast Guard station which will also be printed.

All of this comes amid the usual activities of singing and dancing. The chorus prepares for our Christmas singouts while dance is merely a form of exercise right now since there won't be another recital until 2010. I have embarked on voice lessons and the old saying "Once you have a really good teacher, you will realize what you have been missing." My voice coach works me on the fundamentals of using the voice as an instrument and as we explore this facet of yet another item on the Bucket List, I am continually amazed at the gift that my teacher has. My lofty goals when I began have gone from the equivalent of sailing around the world in a walnut shell to an in depth discovery of what makes a pleasing sound. It will require dedication and practice. I love it! Perhaps as passions go, being passionate for learning is not such a bad thing. Talent vs. passion- if you don't think you have the former, perhaps the latter will suffice.