Saturday, September 7, 2013

The Nike logo says, "Just Do It!"

A different weather forecast every day! Friday turned out to be what I call a "Kodiak Day." Fog to the deck for most of the day- and a far cry from partly sunny Wednesday and the thunderstorms of Thursday! Took my watercolors out to a friend's place with the intention of doing a painting of her mountain view- which can be pretty spectacular- but ended up drinking coffee and just relaxing. Last night's reception at Camaraderie Cellars gave us all a chance to scope out the Quick Draw location for Sunday.

As unused as I am to painting on location, I'm even more unused to framing wet oil paintings! But without frames, they can't reasonably be handled. I managed to get the frames, wires and labels on all of the paintings and delivered them this  morning.

Next time, I tell myself, things will be done differently. Since all work had to be presented framed, I was limited to the materials on hand. Last week I hung 30 pieces at Bank of America in Sequim, thus my inventory of available smaller frames was severely curtailed. My friend Susan Spar said "You need to invest in some plein air frames." In other words. some standard sizes just for this kind of thing. Well, the first annual anything always leaves room for discussion on how to do things "next time." Susan's advice is well received, so a selection of plein air frames is on the shopping list!

The body of work - one watercolor/pen & ink in the intrepid journal style of my idol, The Seattle Sketcher, along with four oils, three of which are larger than I would have normally come up with, are done, and my initial efforts were worth the time and experience. Hopefully I'm getting the hang of it.

 (Joyce General Store, University of Joyce, Reflections (at the marina) After the Storm (on Port Williams Road) and Lightning Over the Straits- all done in  two days!)
Ancora Imparo= I am still learning.  (Michelangelo)

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  1. It's always exciting to see what you're doing next on your painting adventures!!!


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