Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

A new year. Clean slate. Fresh approach. And a concentrated effort to spend at least the first week or so not making a mistake when I write a check by putting 2011 in the date. I'm always big on resolutions, even though statistics show that most of them don't stick beyond a couple of weeks. Still, they are worth a try, and worth the thought that goes into them. I've learned not to include things that have to happen daily, like exercise. Time has a way of interfering with those. But the ones like journaling more, painting plein air more, creating a mailing list of clients, researching new and different possibilities for my work- those are very likely to be kept and achieve positive results. I took a great online course by a lady named Jan Carley, Inner Coach of Barbershop who wrote a book called Harmony from the Inside Out. I read her book last summer and subscribe to her online newsletter from her website (see As a result, I am finding new ways of possibility thinking from how to move forward with my singing as well as my art. The presentation is fresh and fun, and I urge my friends to check out Jan's site. And think about some achievable resolutions!

Above is a new painting with my rekindled interest in transparent watercolor. The Operation Arctic Care mission that took place in Kotzebue, Alaska that I attended through the Air Force Art Program in 2010 will inspire numerous paintings even though I was only there for a couple of days. More to come!

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